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bigest furniture market in lecong city,china

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As a business center, LECONG town already get enough attention. there is the worldwide largest furniture markeWithout forests, t ;without steel plant, but the largest largest steel market is here;without the petrochemical companies,but the largest plastics market.

of South China is also here.

A small town to become the "Business Capital ", is so ambitious to outsiders feel weird, but people who have been to lecong will find this all a matter of course. Commercial sales in the first half lecong reached 250 billion yuan, up 24.9% compare with last year.


Predicted that the annual commercial sales will exceed 500 billion yuan, the data will be more than nationally known Yiwu.




The practice of international trade


Lecong City has a unique traffic environment, a mature economic system and the formation of trade logistics since the Ming Dynasty, Around several hundred years the Chinese have been expanding networks of relationships, at the year of 2008, product exports reaches $ 83,800,000, there is a big increaseof 95.87% compare with last year.


International "water"lecong prophet.


Lecong from the start ,the three industries already have aimed at the international market. Therefore, LECONG city international trading system is more comprehensive than other regions in china , and also some practice and more cutting edge.



The late 70s of last century, LECONG steel trading company was established by the town government in the side of State Road 325. sales of steel satisfied the needs of their own and nearby businesses; to the mid-90s, the participation of private enterprises to make a leap in the steel markets, it became The largest iron and steel trade market inthe South China , dominated the domestic trade.


In recent years, under the role of the objective laws of the market, LECONG steel market embarked on a two-way international road: one hand, catching the opportunity to use international steel prices remain high domestic steel product exports; On the other hand, imports of foreign technology demanding high-grade steel products. Are making substantial profits, significantly increased its ability to resist risks.


Furniture and steel export market get success. Global procurement and distribution center is LECONG furniture businessdevelopment ideas, is now through the improvement of the local exhibition industry, logistics, to the foreign market participants, and the effort to build exhibition for "lecong furniture"collective brands, already initiatives to be the gradually goal. And recently, China Iron and Steel Association and the government reached the agreement that Lecong city become to " Chinese steel exports from the strategic base "of the intention.