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Roof tile Category

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A cement roof tile

Cement roof tile is certain to die or rolling cement mortar made of ingredients of their products are cement, sand and paint.
Its main feature is a solid lap, waterproof and strong, it can be used as the first waterproof. encaustic tile and colors,  roof tileThere are two or three colors, installed after the roof is relatively attractive, the shape of corrugated  roof tile and flat  roof tile two model.

Second, glass roof tile

Glass roof tile is  a modified asphalt, glass fiber, ceramic color, self-adhesive tape composition. Relatively light, weighing ten kilograms per square meter or so. Construction of glass  roof tileis simple, small construction losses. and also glass roof tile get many colors.

Three color steel roof tile

Also known as metal roof tile, metal tile get decorative color. Galvanized steel is pressed into the roof tile, ceramic surface or the paint color a useful treatment. Characterized by light weight, high quality. Very strong. Steel housing and villas suitable for use.

The so-called vermiculite, metal roof tile, is a natural vermiculite surface of the metal roof tile. Vermiculite is a galvanized steel metal roof tiles for grass-roots, the surface covered with paint by the high temperature, vermiculite color process, multi-layer composite processing and the formation of a modern environmentally friendly roof tiles materials.

 Vermiculite substrate metal roof tile general use galvanized steel. Galvanized steel roof tile system sufficient to ensure the strength and the corresponding weight of the entire roof system is very light. Vermiculite metal watts per square meter weight of 7.0 kg, equivalent to the same area of ??concrete or clay tile

  One-sixth of roof tile or one-seventh. Vermiculite lightweight metal roofing fastening system can be applied not only to the traditional wooden surface, reinforced concrete slope, but also directly in the steel structure, on the use of grid. Whether new or refurbished roofs, can be the most economical . The perfect use of the architect to fully meet the quality requirements, enabling the designer inspiration into reality. Metal roof tile system is particularly suitable transformation of flattened buildings. Vermiculite lightweight metal roof tile fastening features can reduce design costs, construction materials and installation costs;
  Since the characteristics of the surface water layer of the waterproof structure can save processing costs; safety features can save a variety of durable cleaning and maintenance costs.

Four ceramic roof tile

Ceramic roof tile is From clay fired , and also very strong,  ceramic roof tile is baked clay, and his environmental protection, and the richness of color as the cement roof Tile, Cement roof Tile is higher than other  price of roof tile. Water resistance does not exist.

Five synthetic resin roof tile
The country currently advocate of environmental protection and promotion of a new generation of lightweight building materials, products, environmental protection, energy saving and can be recycled, and its unique performance advantages of the construction industry who has won widespread attention and recognition, market prospects are very broad.
To make the synthetic resin tile products we have a correct understanding and choice, the following provides some perspective on the merits of individual synthetic resin tile difference (for reference only)
Synthetic resin tile surface material (most critical), the choice of surface material directly affects the life of resin tile is usually the case most excellent selection of modified super-weathering surface PMMA co-extruded material (current international and domestic general for the French A Kema PMMA),

Weathering products, a direct result of the service life of synthetic resin tile (National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center weathering test report is equivalent to 10,000 hours life span of 28 years of actual use.) Second, there is relatively poor ASA co-extruded material surface, we can corner from the chemical
ASA is second only to the degree that the surface of weathering PMMA co-extruded material (mainly in the domestic market, Arkema of France and the United States occupation of the domestic companies GE all the market), in general, synthetic resin tile is good or bad depends directly on surface material, surface material cost of its
More than 70%, while the surface layer below the cost of PVC resin accounts for less than 30%, thus posing a number of manufacturers of other materials, PMMA, produced by the synthetic resin tile in the use of 1 to 2 years after bleaching, a direct impact on the actual life businesses to reap huge profits are not without law
Seek the cooperation, leading to foot the bill for ordinary people.
  Synthetic resin tile size is usually 0.72M and 0.88M, the thickness of 3MM, weight per square meter 6KG, the standard synthetic resin tile will produce in its purchase of its National Chemical Building Materials Test Center of the relevant test report (not National Chemical Building Materials Test Center review
Test report is not allowed to sell in the market):
   1. Artificial aging test report (the equivalent of 10,000 hours of artificial aging of the actual use 28 years)
   2. Temperature drop hammer (0 ℃, 1h) test report (a kilogram steel ball from height of 1 meter free fall on tile surface does not crack, low temperature of 10 products falling ball impact without damage. After 10 frozen financial cycle, the product without hollowing, blistering, peeling, cracking
And so on. )
   3. Fireproof building material test report (fire protection design of interior decoration of buildings A2.6 determine flammability of plastics B1 above)
   Standard synthetic resin tile has very good resistance to load their own performance, construction materials and components by the State Quality Supervision and Testing Station, in the support interval 750MM, all sheets containing 150KG case, without any damage. Bad system of synthetic resin tile construction workers standing on the tile
Operations will have broken.
   Standard synthetic resin tile can withstand long-term acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals, laboratory immersion salt, alkali and acid in 60% of the following 24 hours without chemical action. Bad system of synthetic resin tile surface, in the paint will produce a chemical reaction, and even Fading.


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