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stone coated metal roofing Tile function and selection

 Published:2011-03-16 11:06:40    Source:    Views:5844

A good building in his entire life cycle, must be a good shelter, roof tile is very important
Protection just like the coat for housing. roofing tiles have the following three major functions:

1 rain leakage waterproof. After the roof covered with tiles, the roof should be a good rain and isolated, or they will damage the facilities of the house And decoration, or even damage the entire housing structure.

2 insulation. From the high production of metal roofing tile, size precision, lapping close, as a whole, except for good waterproof
Advantages, but also have excellent thermal insulation function.

3 decorative.Roofing materials, like clothes, like housing, quality plays a decisive role in the appearance. When you are wearing inappropriate clothing, you can immediately change to another. but if you  want to change roof  tiles,it is not easy,it is costly and time consuming. So you must be careful,dont  seek cheaper but a bad product, and repent!

Want to get a beautiful roofing tile materials, there are a few to note the following:

1 pastel colors evenly,

2.there is no color difference between tile chips.

3 colors are durability,  not  easily to fade.

4.Get a  gentle and soft Shape lines, gives a sense of beauty. Accurate dimensions.