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8 reasons for come to guangzhou-foshan for buying buiiding material(1)

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for the People who build their own houses to purchase related construction materials in Guangzhou,

fo shan international furniture marketfo shan international furniture market

10 big reasons for you to come to guangzhou-foshan for buying your stuffs:

1  price  reason: Although the chenging rate of RMB to the U.S. dollar increased  this year,  but buy building material from  China is still very cost-effective. procurement of furniture is also a good way.for example, JU LIGAO stone coated roofing sheet act as the same quality but only half price .as the same quality  stone coated metal roofing sheet from USA and new zealand,

For customers in Europe and America is concerned, although the ecnomic level  building materials can be easily purchased in their country, but for the high-level furniture products in China - Foshan, is a very cost-effective to buy. The same grade in the high-level  furniture in the international furniture market, Shunde, Foshan, price is only half of the same quality furniture in  Europe and America.
Furniture design and materials have been with the international standards fully. Here, you can plan your office arbitrary, personal, and home accessories also . Foshan Shunde International Furniture Market in price on an absolute give you a surprise.

for the customers from the middle east and african countries,they can choose high-level furniture and building material  for business and house use, and they also can find many furniture for economic price which can be easily sold,and good for small privite business.

2 Logistics Export

Strong international logistics system. In Guangzhou, if you purchase items of less than a container volume, we can provide you with a few to a dozen cubic bulk shipping services. The bulk shipping in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province --- very convenient, but like other provinces in China It is very difficult to do. JULIGAO stone coated metal roofing system®familar with many famous shipping companies here , we can give u professonal advises.

Guangdong get  strategic location in china, has always been known as China's southern gateway to the world around. The Greater Pearl River Delta into the Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong as the axis of the world-class international logistics center, is the future of the logistics industry in Guangdong development.

Guangzhou: the capital and logistics center of guangdong province.

At present, Guangzhou has brought about the rise of several large  logistics market,

Shenzhen: modern logistics carrier

According to statistics, a famous multinational logistics enterprises have settled more than 50 roots in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, along with the rapid development of domestic logistics companies, a shipping port in Hong Kong as the center of the industrial system has taken shape.

Shenzhen, Guangdong province, Hong Kong has undertaken about 35% of the foreign trade container transportation share, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, container trailer about the size of 50% to 60%, air, ocean and courier services and so the volume of business also in the lead.

Yantian District, behind the development of export control as a new third-party warehouse logistics, has become the largest export control storage base. Yantian port throughput to rapid growth in geometric progression,
Europe and other regions of the logistics giant more southern China in Shenzhen and the procurement of goods, and direct exports in Yantian District, the rear base of cannibalization warehousing, packaging and distribution, by ocean-going ships to Shenzhen in southern China chemical raw materials, Footwear and other goods shipped to Europe and North America.