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2017 Chile Santiago International Building Materials Exhibition

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 2017 Chile Santiago International Building Materials Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 21, 2017 October 24

In addition to government subsidies, in line with the conditions of the enterprise, with the staff can enjoy our current amount of subsidies

Organizer: Intelligence Santiago FISA S.A. Exhibition Ltd

Organizational cycle: two years

First held: 2000

Organize the exhibition hall: Santiago, Chile espacio riesco exhibition center

Exhibition scale: 20000-50000

Range of exhibition

1, kitchen bathroom sets of furniture, equipment and ancillary products; all kinds of ceramic products, brick, mosaic and color brick;

2, doors and windows and supporting hardware, architectural glass, all kinds of profiles; all kinds of stone and stone processing tools;

3, all kinds of curtain walls, canopies, roof, greenhouses, activities, etc .; floor, carpets, wallpaper and other pavement materials;

4, construction equipment, engineering machinery (drilling rigs, mixers, cranes, drilling machinery, etc.), mining equipment;

5, HVAC, refrigeration equipment, pump valve, water treatment equipment;

6, all kinds of architectural decoration sheet, wire, decorative panels, etc .; wall materials, gypsum, heat insulation and insulation materials;

7, residential, public places and other lighting and supporting electronic components; anti-theft, fire alarm system and import and export control equipment;

8, all kinds of architectural coatings, paint, chemical adhesives; stairs, swimming pools and equipment, recreational facilities; parking garage (field) management system.

Exhibition data

Last review

Exhibition area: 30,000 square meters

Number of Exhibitors: More than 300 exhibitors

Number of viewers: 35,000 people

Introduction to the exhibition

Chile 's only professional building materials exhibition

Chile Chile Santiago International Building Materials Exhibition Edifica by the Chilean Construction Industry Association (CCHC), the Cement Concrete Association (ICH) co-sponsored, two years, is Chile's only professional building exhibition, over the years adhering to the "build development" Very prestigious in Chile. 2013 will include "machine"

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