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Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama) International Exhibition 2017.

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 Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama) International Exhibition 2017(2)


market background]

Latin America is an emerging market, Panama's international trade is very developed, but the exhibition market in Panama is very new. There is no professional building material exhibition in Panama, nor is there a professional lighting exhibition. At present, only 2 professional exhibition in Panama international, respectively is the Panama International Tire Expo June Panama International Auto Show and in July, the two exhibition of the first time held respectively in 2014 and 2011, although two of the show's history is not long, but the effects of the exhibition has been recognized by the participants. It is because of Panama's powerful market potential, lighting exhibition platform at present and not a professional, international, so America Expo Group decided to join the United States Department of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Panama, Mexico lighting industry association, Panama Cologne free trade zone together in Panama held the first exhibition of professional lighting.
Panama is home to 120 million people in more than 20 countries around the globe, known as Hongkong in the Caribbean and Dubai in the caribbean". Its financial and entrepot trade developed, and played an important role in the economy. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean and has an important strategic position. It is the dividing line between South and North america. For countries lighting enterprises, if you want to enter the Latin American lighting market, Panama will be the best breakthrough.
In recent years, Panama has been open to foreign trade, hope that through the reciprocity treaty with various South American visa treaty and status to highlight the South American Trade Center, pull the first ministerial meeting of the forum in mid 2015 1, China President Xi Jinping is also confident that in the near future, two-way trade will be greatly increase to Latin America exhibitors and business Chinese enterprises will increase significantly. Panama's open economy is also expected to grow into the second Dubai in the next ten years".
[market advantage]
olitical stability and rapid economic growth
A stable government ensures the favourable environment for Panama's economic development. The government of Panama has vigorously expanded the canal road and built large public infrastructure. In 2013, the growth rate of GDP was 8.35%, and it maintained a long-term growth situation.
In the Central American isthmus, east of Columbia, South Pacific Ocean, west of Costa Rica, North Caribbean, connecting central and South American continent, the Panama Canal from the north to the South and communication of the Atlantic and the Pacific, "World Bridge". In addition, located in the Panama Canal, the Atlantic at the mouth of the Cologne Panama free trade zone is the largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere, but also after the world's second largest free trade zone in Hongkong Chinese, and Miami were listed as the South American transit center, is the world's second largest transit station.
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