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Foshan Nanhai 17 certificates to break the export of ceramic anti-dumping

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 Foshan Nanhai 17 certificates to break the export of ceramic anti-dumping for enterprises to exempt over one million taxes and fees


Reporters today from the foshan nanhai  inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Bureau has issued a total of 17 copies of inking tile price commitment with this certificate, certificate of origin, export of ceramic enterprises can successfully avoid the Nanhai Mexico anti-dumping measures, smoothly into the market.
In May 2015, Mexico launched anti-dumping investigations on ceramic tiles in our country. In May 19, 2016, Mexico made a preliminary ruling, ruled that the US $2.9-12.42 / square meters preliminary anti-dumping tax rate, and the import of products is determined survey of the domestic market in Mexico caused the damage and threat of damage. Affected by this, Foshan's ceramic tile exports to Mexico plummeted from over ten million dollars per month to zero.
Mr. Li, Foshan city building materials Co. Ltd. sonar revealed that when the preliminary announcement, the company is still in the implementation of the orders, the goods involved over 20 containers, the value of over 300 thousand dollars, should be forced to stop the delivery to customer requirements. At the same time, orders still under negotiation have been completely cancelled and the value exceeds US $1 million.
By the quality inspection bureau jointly Chinese Minmetals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments and the competent authorities of Mexico negotiations, Mexico finally accepted our proposal in October 24th issued a final ruling, closed to enterprise price promise way. Since October 26th, 224 enterprises in our list of price commitments have been able to pledge the certificate of origin with the price of imported ceramic tiles issued by the inspection and quarantine institutions to avoid the high anti-dumping duties imposed by 50%-225%.
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