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The Republic of Panama building material market

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 The Republic of Panama is located in the south of the isthmus of Panama in America, South Pacific Ocean, north of the Caribbean Sea, east of Columbia, west of Costa rica. It covers an area of 75517 square kilometers and has a population of about 3 million. The official language is spanish. The capital is Panama City, with a population of about 1 million 500 thousand. Panama negotiable dollars, the local currency for Balboa, only for coins, almost the equivalent of us $. Panama has a better economic position in Central American countries, and its geographical position is very important. It is an important entrepot for trade between China and the United states. The Panama International Fair (Expocomer), which has been held for 23 times, is well known in the world. It attracts large numbers of businessmen from central and South America to visit it every year. All these factors make it an important economic and trade centre in central america. In addition, the U.S. economy has gradually bottomed out, and this has led to better economic growth in Panama and Central America than in the past, and opportunities for trade cooperation have increased.

Panama is an important trading partner of Latin America in China. The total volume of bilateral trade ranks third between China and Latin American countries. Who knows the market in Panama?
At the same time, Panama is the second largest export market in Latin America after Brazil. At present, China's main exports to Panama are: textiles, finished oil, household ceramics, household appliances, bicycles, ships, travel goods and bags, clothing, footwear, mechanical and electrical products. China's trade with Panama is mainly to the free trade area of Cologne, and a considerable portion of the export commodities are transferred to Central America and the Caribbean countries through the free zones, and some of them into South america.
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