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2017 Shanghai roofing exhibition China largest roofing exhibition

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ES BUILD Asia green building materials first exhibition
The, first, exhibition, of, green, building, Exhibition, in, Asia
Thirteenth 2017 China (Shanghai) international building energy saving and new building materials exhibition
The, 13th, China (Shanghai), International, Energy-saving & Advanced, Building, Materials, Expo
Held in the same period: the twenty-eighth China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of building materials and interior decoration
Market outlook:
Chinese is in the rapid development of industrialization, urbanization and new rural construction period, to further promote the building energy efficiency, accelerate the development of green building ushered in a rare historical opportunity, simple and safe green building materials has gradually become the main theme of the market. To the market by promoting the construction of "energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmentally friendly building materials enterprises for the purpose, set up the sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means to create huge business opportunities for enterprises in the twelfth session of Chinese (Shanghai) International Energy and new Building Materials Exhibition" (abbreviation: ES BUILD Asia Green Expo) is the first through the Ufi International Exhibition Industry Association certified building materials exhibition, is currently the only country with high-end building materials localization engineering comprehensive exhibition, after more than 10 years of development, has become the "Asia first green building materials exhibition".
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