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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia international building materials and Building Technology E

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 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia international building materials and Building Technology Exhibition

Recommendation: 4 star exhibition
Exhibition time:
October 2017
Excellent exhibition professional exhibition
Venue: Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Exhibition introduction
Building materials and building technology, hardware industry and woodworking machinery integration of the three major themes of the exhibition
Malaysia international building materials and Building Technology Exhibition (Buildtech) and the Malaysia International Hardware Exhibition (MHX) jointly organized by the authority of the Malaysia hardware machinery building materials chamber of Commerce and the Malaysia Trade Union Exhibition Group Malaysia Union Exhibition company. Malaysia Hardware Machinery Building Materials Association has branches in 13 states, such as Kuala Lumpur, thunderbolt, Malacca, and has thousands of core members. Malaysia Maolian exhibition group after nearly 20 years of development, Malaysia has become one of the exhibition organization. With offices in a number of neighboring countries and regions, it is a famous international exhibition group with UFI certification. The two sides joined forces to ensure that the exhibition was a great success.
The exhibition not only by the relevant professional local Malaysia will support, also received strong support from China and Thailand, Singapore and other related hardware and building materials Machinery Association, China, Singapore and Thailand exhibitors to exhibit, reflects the strong influence of the organizers. As the most professional and most international building materials industry in Malaysia, with the development of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, it is expected that the 2016 exhibition will usher in more exhibitors and professional audience.
market analysis
In January 1, 2010, the trade between China and ASEAN entered a period of zero tariff. China's average tariff on ASEAN has dropped from 9.8% to 0.1%. Among them, the 6 old members of ASEAN, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, the average tariff on China will be reduced from 12.8% to 0.6%. The four new members of ASEAN (Vietnam, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma) have reduced their average tariff to 5.6% in china. By 2015, zero tariffs will be imposed on most of the products of all Member States of China and ASEAN, and trade between the two countries will be liberalized.
Malaysia has become the largest ASEAN country to trade with china. In 2010, the total import and export trade value of China and Malaysia reached US $74 billion 215 million. Malaysia's economic foundation is stable and its economic growth prospect is broad. The country is politically stable and friendly to china. Malaysia is the first country to establish diplomatic relations with China in the 5 founding members of asean. Malaysia is strategically located in Southeast Asia and is the best bridge to enter the ASEAN market and enter the Middle East New Zealand market.
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