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Dongguan mousse mousse Bedding Bedding Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan mousse mousse Bedding Bedding Co., Ltd.

Product Specifications


 Dongguan mousse mousse Bedding Bedding Co., Ltd. as a global health resource integration sleep who specializes in human health, sleep studies, sleep in the entire health system development, production and marketing. Companies from the European design philosophy, rooted in China, the world, casting an international brand, in 2004, doing business in China, its "mousse. Diya song, mousse Cage, mousse .3 D, Mu thinking .0769 "four sub-brands" to build the information, a total development "of the development process, recently in China has a total of more than 500 stores. Main Products: Soft Bed Series, bedding, headboards, sofas. Guangdong Famous Brand in 2010, Dongguan integrity service brand, green choice for the brand, customer satisfaction, product, ISO quality management system certification, ISO environmental management system certification, ISO Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Dongguan City, vice president of quality unit, vice president of China Quality Inspection Association unit; Mousse Since its inception, in 2006 10 patents, 11 patent applications in 2007, 2008 12 applications for patents, 38 patent applications in 2009, 10-year patent 10, so far the company a total of 81 foreign patents.

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