Jianye Long hardware factory

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Jianye Long hardware factory

Product Specifications


Jianye Long hardware factory  founded in 1995, Foshan City Shunde District's existing Long Chencun Jianye Metal Structure Factory
 Foshan City Shunde District, stainless steel construction Hongsheng Co., Ltd., Foshan City, Long Jianye Metal Products Co., Ltd. and a number of wholly owned production and operation of stainless steel railings, stainless steel and metal products and so on.
 From the initial production of stainless steel material to today's advanced towards the railing, wall fittings and metal products development, in the fierce market competition, we have adhered to the "quality first", "reasonable rates", "Quality services ", by our customers support and trust!
 Kin Long adhering to the "superior quality first", "customer first", "reputation first" purpose; loyalty to expect friendly cooperation with our customers to create win-win!

 Foshan City Shunde District, Jianye Chencun Long Metal Structure Factory
 Professional production and processing:
 The factory has advanced cutting pressure, CNC lathes, large-scale hydraulic, straightening, wire cutting, punching, grinding, polishing, etc. BK
 Production of high grade stainless steel column, stair handrail, glass clamp, building railing, wall accessories, steel structure engineering

 Foshan City Shunde District, was built of stainless steel Co., Ltd. Hong Sheng
 Professional sales, processing:
 The company has advanced plate cutting machine 6 m, 9 m plate cutting, reduce the defect rate
 201 #, 304 #, 316 # stainless steel and other materials imported and domestic
 Plate, coil, hot rolled, cold-drawn
 Matte board, BK plate, titanium plate, cast flower plate, checker plate

 Long, Foshan City, Jianye Metal Products Co., Ltd.
 Professional management:
 Stainless steel high handrails, stair column, glass clip, building railing, wall accessories, etc.
 201 #, 304 #, 316 # pipe


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