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Heidfeld new solid wood furniture

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Heidfeld new solid wood furniture

Product Specifications


In 1937, Italy Dr.Geryon made ??in electro-acoustic industry, "HI-FI" and the "high degree of fidelity, " the idea after the electro-acoustic revolutionized the industry, this concept has also been in other industries are The use of good promotion. Recycling and Dr.Geryon cooperation as "Heidfeld" founder Dr.Andrea Pozzo (provide wood products), even in the furniture industry was to promote the concept Jiaqie Di. Dr.Andrea Pozzo believe, from development to manufacture furniture out, is to solve people's daily work and life, some of the problems. Therefore, the furniture should go back to basics - cum feature idea!

 2002, "Heidfeld"new furniture bring the newest ideas and products, invest and build factories in Guangdong, the factory a project covering 15000M2, located in Foshan, Shunde District, close to Asia's largest furniture materials city, bordering the State Road 325 And the Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway, drive 1 hour and up to the provincial capital of Guangdong - Guangzhou, 2 and a half hours to arrive in Shenzhen Yantian, Shekou, and the harbor, 3 and a half hours to arrive in Hong Kong, Macau, rich furniture, raw materials, specialized Management talent and cost advantages of manufacturing in China, plus 10 million square meters of two plants put into operation, "Heidfeld"new furniture in China will lead to a "functional furniture idea " of the revolution ....