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Hengfeng Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd

Product Specifications


New Ancient is one series products of Hengfeng Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. The production base of the company is in Dongguan city ,guangdong province.china,which is called "The Capital of Furniture". New Ancient Oriental series products include oak series and wood bark series. New Ancient Oriental series is the combination of China classic culture and modern fashion. It not only has the flavor of oriental classic culture, but also embodies the individuality of modern urbanism and fashionable taste. The combination makes you really live in the elegant living environment.

Every piece of "New Ancient Oriental" is elaborately designed and made by the designers and staff. The materials are high quality medium density boards which are good indoor decoration materials. The surface adopts German sandal wood, oak and Indonesian cherry wood. They have the capacity of high sealability, dampproof and wearproof. The rail produced in Spain is smooth and no noise. The close and open of door hinge can use for 100,000 times. The door pull is elaboratelymade.
To sum up, every piece of "New Ancient Oriental" is exquisite craftwork.





Our Culture
Survive with quality, develop by management, satisfy customer with best service
In order to create excellent and unique company culture brand and to make Lebeis’s people with core competitive ability, we always manage our people like in army, train like in school, relationship like family member.

Quality Policy
Seek the truth by heart, do best of the best, innovation in technology, quality is first。
This is the target that every hengfeng people pursuit forever. In addition with ISO quality control policy, good company culture, integrity company image and high effective manage policy, we believe that we can provide customer with the best professional, the highest quality and highest effective service.