As we said, Guangzhou - Foshan city ----- around us, there is a large number of international building materials market and the international furniture market. Every day  guests from all around the world come for visit and procurement. The furniture building materials market is like the never ending trade fair, the scale is amazing.

In addition to our own new sunlight® stone coated metal roofing tiles, other commodities are not produced by us. We are here, just showing them, we are here to introduce you to the markets. Because many foreign guests Do not understand or have a  misunderstanding  of the Chinese market and products made in china .

House decoration and design is a complicated issue. So the people who love their  home so much, want in the shortest possible time, get the most to the most satisfactory results. We hope to give you a show inspired in China - Foshan - Guangzhou city , "one stop buy all" complete all the projects.

Also to the related industries dealers and traders some fresh impressions. Because a lot of pictures and catalogs are difficult to find. Unless the market and come here to visit the exhibition. 

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