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1  Acrylic glazing layer- to increase brightness and bonding strength of the stone chips and prevent rainwater permeating the inner layer.
2  Colorful stone chips layer- Uv-blocking , to reduce rain noise and improve decorative effect.
 3  Acrylic adhesive bonding layer-to adhere the upper and inner layer and offer protection to the under layer.
4  Protective layer-to protect Al-Zinc coat, enhance the rotproofness and adhesiveness of the steel sheet.
5  Al-Zinc coat layer-in high heat-reflective rate and high rotproofness , to save energy and prolongate the service life of the products.
6  Steel-based layer-high strength cold-roll steel sheet.
7  Al-Zinc coat layer-in high heat-reflective rate and high rotproofness , to save energy and prolongate the service life of the products.
8  Protective layer-to protect Al-Zinc coat, enhance the rotproofness of the steel sheet.



New Sunlight® stone coated steel roof tiles system is a kind of Lightweight materials

Weighing about seven kilograms per square, only one-seventh of cement tile;

 New Sunlight®stone coated steel roof tiles system
is a strong roof System

close to Each other , fixed firmly level of tiles,  which improve the integrity of roofing systems;

New Sunlight® stone coated steel roof tiles system Convenient construction

Dry construction, not subject to weather restrictions, conveniently construction ,long  period protection .Seismic safety of buildings from the material of choice to start.

original from strong construction tradition

original From frequent earthquakes, more than two times a year in New Zealand earthquakes.


California, United States, 1989, magnitude 6.9 earthquake

Kobe, Japan, 6.8 earthquake in 1995

Nantou, Taiwan 7.6 earthquake in 1999

Roofing Systems, Inc. (hereafter “the Company”) hereby warrants to the original consumer purchaser (“Owner”) that each  roofing panel (“Panel”) will: (1) remain free from manufacturing defects that would adversely affect the performance of the Panels; (2) be resistant to blow-offs in wind velocities up to 120 miles per hour; and (3) resist hail damage. For the purpose of this Warranty, hail damage is defined as follows: (1) penetration of hail stones completely through the panel; or (2) cracks or splits of the panel’s steel substrate around the point of impact.


Sunlight® stone coated steel roof tiles system



 1.             30 Years Limited Warranty for 1st class product(this warranty will be always been marked on the business agreement)




                (original quality zealand type  steel  green color  preservative levels,)




             120mph Wind Speed Warranty 

                 Hall Stone Penetration Warranty.

2.            20 Years Limited Warranty for 2nd class product

                 (al-zinc alloy steel,supplied by BAOSTEEL®  GROUP CORPORATION  localed in shang hai ,china.)

 please contact us to get the original document of certifications.

text report be given by China National Building Materials Test Center / www.cbmtc.com/








                120mph Wind Speed Warranty

                 Hall Stone Penetration Warranty.

New Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system----TOP new zealand brand steel al-zn alloy

for distributors we offer O.E.M. SERVICE 2nd level china baosteel(15-20 years guarantee)/3rd chinese normal steel (10years guarantee)

 Metal roof Tile: New Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system and interlocking panels, with an interlocking nose, resembling barrel roofing tile.
. Material: Pressure formed, Aluminum-Zinc Alloy  stone Coated Steel with 5, 3-1/4” (82.55 mm), raised barrels.
2. Finish: Ceramic coated colored stone chip finish.

3. Thickness: 26 Gauge, .0179 inches (0.400 mm).
4. Size: 1170mm*420mm/




5. Exposure:0.45s.m./0.5s.m./0.55s.m./ 

6. Weight: 160 pounds per square.
7. 25 colors available.

8.untill now we offer customers 9 models of different shapes!














 Continue to thank you for your support! In the new year, more customers joined the New Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system family!

 Our aim is still, cheap price, famous brand-name quality!

 New Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system is getting better,on our best efforts!!

depending on your need ,and to develop the local market business!

the most popular colors is offered to our distributors!



company with the famous brand New Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system


 But we will not use poor quality raw materials to manufacture products!

Building materials limited radionuclide
Irradiation factor "Testing Standard: <= 1.00, test results: = 0.074>
External exposure factors "Testing Standard: <= 1.30, test results: = 0.144>
China National Chemical Construction Materials Test Center --6566--2001 
Resistance to artificial aging

After 600 hours of testing, the surface is not blistering, no cracks and no shedding phenomenon.
China National Chemical Construction Materials Test Center - GB / T1865 - 1997

Salt spray test

For 1,000 hours of testing, spar surface without any change occurred.
China International Chemical Building Materials Test Center - GB / T1771 - 1991 
Shock experiments

The quality of 50mm diameter steel balls 530g; impact test height 500mm, no cracks or loss and other changes occur.
China National Chemical Construction Materials Centre - G / T24 - 2000

edited byNew Sunlight®stone coated metal roofing system 


With a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel,  stone coated steel delivers outstanding durability.

the new zealand type steel and BAO® steel can be bent, punched ,folded, stamped, or crimped for easy fastening. The special resin coating reduces the need for lubricants for rollforming, making it less slippery and easier to handle. Its smooth satin-smooth finish has an ideal surface for easy painting.

It's a design classic. the new zealand type steel and BAO® steel has the unique ability to compliment both traditional or ultra modern architecture. Use it with confidence. It's flexible and cost effective, so the design choice is yours.

models we have:









(1).the color of the sand is not the real nature color.all the white color stone which is be colored by cheap dyestuff.with in several month not up to 1 year, the sand will fade to white!(plz put the sand in side the boiling water for half a hour!!! then you ll know the ture color of the sand of your sample! its very bad quality sand!)
the good way to do the color should be: to the best of producer's abilities to find the nature color stone.the grey,the black and brown etc. all should use the nature color stone sand! only the red yellow and green blue color sand shoud be colored by very very strong quality and expensive dyestuff!!
(2).chemical adhesive.also should be very strong and be used of for very famous brand stone coated steel, with many years people have the experience to know the quality.the one used for your sample its very bad quality chemical adhesive, i promiss you some of them only 1 year this kind of roof  all the stone ships will go only leave the barren metal sheet.
and we warranty your 30 years quality! with the certifications document.
(3).about the steel. no need to talk more i think, that our green color steel of course its the best !





Dalian New Sunlight Building Material Co.,Ltd

New Sunlight ® Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles since 2000,We Are The First One,we are the domain expert !





The characteristics of colorful-stone coated metal roof tile

 Beautiful appearance—texture and strong stereoscopic impression of natural stone , various colors and styles, good effect in decorating the buildings.

Durable—base material is high-strength, high rotproof Al-Zn coated steel and its rotproofness is 3-6 times higher than galvanized steel; the surface material is weathering natural colorful stone chips or inorganic pigments dyeing natural gravel and water-based acrylic resin. Life cycle of product is up to more than 30 years.

Light weight—1/6 weight of clay tile or cement tile to reduce the load of the building and the construction costs,  easy to transport and repeated construction and installation.

Constructing simply—easy to be bent, cut, installed simply and fast, even in low temperature.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly—1.4-7 times higher than the common roofing materials in heat-reflective rate to save energy; no harm to human and environment in eco-friendly materials .