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Ze xin stainless steel staircase handrail

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Ze xin stainless steel staircase handrail

Product Specifications

"Ze xin" stainless steel staircase handrail

"Ze xin" stainless steel staircase handrail



ze xin is a stainless steel column for many years engaged in stainless steel handrails manufacturers, all products strict quality, we always take the quality of customer feedback the best gift to serve the purpose, we offer to you and not just a stainless steel column product, but a complete solution for planning and design layout! Years of experience have taught us to contribute to the field of stainless steel handrails. Stainless steel staircase handrail: surface treatment: sanding, mirror light, chrome, titanium stainless steel handrail column: armrests column height: 850mm, 870mm, 950mm, 1050mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, etc. stainless steel railing column: steel thickness 6mm, 8mm , 10mm, 12mm, and other specifications of stainless steel railings column: Steel thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm glass clamp design unique, applicable to any size, thickness of glass, just to grow the screw length stainless steel glass railing column: glass clamp design is unique, the applicable any size, thickness of glass, just an increase of the screw length stainless steel balcony railing column: glass clamp design is unique, applicable to any size, thickness of glass, just an increase of the screw length stainless steel villa the railings column: a unique bracket design and unique, is divided into straight and the arc of two kinds, the curvature of 42.4 or 50.8-degree stainless steel mall railing column: styles, new style, chosen at random by the customer, but also by other projects as specified by the customer column and other types of special-shaped column.

The company is located in the country's largest stainless steel production, processing and distribution center - Foshan Lanshi - Chinese stainless steel production town.

    Professional production and marketing: the stainless steel column and accessories stairs, handrails, stainless steel doors and other products, stainless steel products, pipe, decorative pipe, industrial pipe, taper pipe, seamless pipe, sheet, plate, drawing board, throwing mirror light 6K, 8K plates, flat steel, angle steel, profiles, pipe fitting, welding rod, belt, one thousand rounds of polishing wax, polishing materials.

    Professional processing: stainless steel seamless tube, pipe polishing. Can be customized non-standard, GB 304,316 L stainless steel pipe. Product has a smooth surface, uniform thickness, fine microstructure, mechanical properties
Processing and distribution: stainless steel of φ406 within the pipe, seamless pipe, taper pipe, hot-rolled thick plate, flat bar, angle iron matte, brushed, throwing mirror light 6K, 8K;

    Package: Color stainless steel, no fingerprints, wire cutting, laser cutting, drilling, to undertake the project processing.

    The products sell well in nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East region. For the provinces, municipal engineering, road lamp facilities, large billboards, bridge handrail, expressway railing, bus shelters, airports, stadiums and other large-scale renovation, chemical, paper, shipbuilding, medicine, food, beverage, printing and dyeing, petroleum, sewage treatment, ink, electricity, nuclear industry, pipeline and building drain line and other industries.
    The Ze letter has advanced production equipment, strong technical force and professional and technical personnel. Superb craftsmanship and many years of manufacturing experience, the set of product development, production, research, marketing as a whole.

    Ze letter insisted: superior quality, reasonable price, excellent service, Crane quickly! To win the trust and support of the majority of merchants. Ze letter dedicated to domestic and foreign businessmen win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant! !
    The most satisfactory service to provide you with my sincere!