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china solid wood furniture serie1-25

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china solid wood furniture serie1-25

Product Specifications




Hong Kong sucesswow(Home furniture corporation), Foshan, Guangdong Hualong Group, formerly known as solid wood furniture factory, has 29 years of all solid wood furniture production process and quality of precipitation ability to achieve. Thus, the field of solid wood to seize the advantages of planning the development of the company, is very wise.

  Hong Kong sucesswow(Home furniture corporation), dedicated to "all solid wood (recreational) home field"to create a blue ocean. Its elegance to the East (Zingana ) products specifically for high-end market, second-generation ri-hui (alnoides) products, specifically for second-tier markets, Japan Hui generation (cherry) products specifically for third-line market, in addition, the company developed the "Jun Thinking "soft bed brand, is used to store export and distribution. And the show's new "cars ? 名居"brand products, but also to the dealer to stay late enough room for expansion as the company s new growth point.