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The concept of metal roofing

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The concept of metal roofing Metal roofing is the use of sheet metal as the roof material, the structure layer and waterproof layer into one of the roof form. As there are many types of metal roof sheet:
Grade are: zinc and copper plate, titanium plate, copper, stainless steel, etc.,
Mid-range are: aluminum alloy plate, magnesium alloy plate, aluminum-manganese alloy plate, etc.
Low are: galvanized sheet, galvanized panels.
Material thickness of 0.35 - 1.2mm,
Material for coating the surface of normal processing, such as fluorocarbon, polyester and so on.
As the quality of different materials and coatings, high-grade sheet life of up to 70 years and first years.
Sheet production in various forms, for the composite plate, about two layers of insulation composite metal plate in between for the board, the construction, some panels in the plant is completed on-site assembly, roof construction according to the needs of some on-site processing. Insulation and some good in the factory compound, can also be produced in the field.
Shape can be a variety of production, such as: straight, curved arc, positive and negative arc, arc size, head bent, melons boards, etc., can fully realize the concept of the designers, so the sheet metal roof forms from large public buildings to factories, warehouses, housing, etc. are used. Therefore, sheet metal roofing specification scope is waterproof grade I ~ III-class roof.
For the fastening of metal roof joints sealed design, production and design of the construction site with the same length of roof, installed after the roof construction without its connection, and there is no exposed screws, in addition to the appearance of the roof to ensure the integrity of the building, both special excellent water drainage, seepage, anti-snow function.
Tech-zip65-420/400 board design 65mm high rib from the rib up from 300 to 500mm, with a high-performance drainage section, an effective solution to low-slope roofs  water and drainage problems.
Tech-zip65-420/400 the plate specially designed to enhance board reinforcement ribs to increase structural strength, and building exterior lines to provide more texture and dimension.
Roofing sheet generally imported and domestic production of aluminum-magnesium manganese alloy sheet; other special items can also be used by super-rust-type aluminum-magnesium manganese alloy plate, stainless steel, copper or titanium zinc panels and building-specific titanium metal. Special aluminum alloy for the production of stone coated metal roofing systems, the same life with the main building.

Color Coating
Al-Mg-Mn alloy sheet with another can be imported into Australia building dedicated CUPPVDF, PVDF, PVF2 color coated fluorocarbon resin paint system, used in industrial and civil construction, the color coating life of up to 50 years depending on atmospheric conditions [].

? No connection port, no screw holes, building a complete and beautiful appearance
? be made within the arc and the outer curved arc shape is easy to
? choose different materials and colors
? the overall structural waterproofing, drainage
? For slope> 1.5  roof
? Excellent performance of wind pressure, especially for typhoons, storms are more regions
? eliminate the stress generated by thermal expansion and contraction.
? Simple, fast automatic volume combined machines, construction convenient, economical
? to facilitate the laying sound-absorbing layer of insulation, thermal insulation layer `
? No chemical caulking compounds, eliminating the problem of pollution and aging
? roof maintenance costs low
? on-site production site, convenient security

1) Tech-zip65-420 standing seam system
(1) the overall structural waterproofing, drainage, regardless of how the building shape, can fully engaged seams, fixing the roof without the need to connect, it can enable the roof when the temperature changes in the free expansion, to avoid temperature stress, but also to eliminate from the system screw fixation rupture caused by water leakage problems.
(2) No chemical caulking compounds, eliminating the pollution and aging.
(3) the overall maturity of the roof openings and lightning protection system design.
(4), good ventilation, maintain the overall structure of the long-term natural drying, to extend the building life.
(5) specific three-dimensional curved arc shape and easy processing.
(6) structure is simple, lightweight, safe, high strength and resistance to negative pressure in the typhoon, heavy rain area is especially suitable.
(7) also applies to the old roof in the old house renovation and construction of new roof surface.
(8) construction of safe, simple, fast, accurate and economical.

2) Tech-seam25-430 typical system
(1) the overall structural waterproofing, drainage super.
(2) without chemical adhesive caulk caulking, remove the pollution and aging.
(3) natural circulation ventilation structure, extend the life of the building.
(4) simple structure, compact and safe.
(5) three-dimensional curved arc shape easily.
(6) construction and installation of flexible, fast, accurate and economical.

3) Tech-lok rectangular flat lock system
(1) strong sense of hierarchy, outstanding visual effects, classical architectural style.
(2) easy to install, with the fastener fixed to the lower support structure, without complicated mechanical installation.
(3) tile flat lock system is suitable for any surface shape of the building installation, architectural design geometry to achieve diversity.
(4) overall structural waterproofing and drainage functions.
(5) No chemical caulking compounds, eliminating the pollution and aging.
(6) natural circulation ventilation structure, to extend the building life.
(7) structure is simple, lightweight, safe, diverse grid.
(8) for slope> 30 above the sloping roof, wall, usually require the laying of the underlying support system waterproof material.
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