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Exports of goods in process ocean waybill

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Exports of goods in process ocean waybill

Export cargo container transport procedures include:


1, booking or check


Consignor exporters should check in at the official before the proper shipping schedule selected, fill in the formulation to the shipping manifest or consignment agent of the company or shipping company, or other mode of transport operators to apply for booking or shipment.


2, the carrier


Carrier, can be said of a written booking confirmation or shipping requirements. The application for booking and get shipping companies or shipping agent of the company requires a commitment on the booking of cargo, goods, or to live in the delivery of container freight forwarder must fill out the container before the consignment of goods to the shipping companies or shipping companies agents for shipping, shipping agent of the company audit consignment note for the goods after booking, and bookings must check the confirmation, then shipping order on the signature to show that the carriage of goods, then goods alone returned to the owner or freight forwarder. The owner or one-way freight forwarding agent to hold the goods for export customs declarations. The shipping company or shipping company's agent in the carriage of goods, or consignment note under the Construction and Maintenance formulation booking container handling operations manifest distribution area or container yard, it was to prepare the release of empty containers and heavy boxes of transition. Custody, and shipping work.


3, the distribution of empty containers


Typically, the container is loaned free of charge by the shipping company owner or container freight station use. In the case of FCL cargo, shipping company or its agent to accept booking, carriage of the goods, the payment notice issued by the container, together with a single transfer of containers and equipment to the shipper or cargo agents, according to the container Extraction yard or inland station empty.


4, packing of goods


Agent of the owner or cargo consignment that may also be LCL cargo FCL. In the case of FCL cargo, exports of goods by the owners for their own customs procedures, customs supervision of staff hold their own packing, and packing list and the Hong Kong station versions and receipts. In the case of LCL, the container freight station will belong to different flows to the same owner, but sporadic goods packing, assembling the FCL.


5, in exchange for bills of lading


By the shipper or the container by container freight station operator, after the receipt signed by the Hong Kong Station, you can stop by the receipt to the shipping company in Hong Kong or other modes of transport operators pay the freight, in exchange for bills of lading or multimodal transport documents Then go to the bank foreign exchange payments.


6, shipping


Container loading and unloading containers into the container yard area, the loading and unloading area to be loaded according to the flow of container and shipping container loading plan or order the preparation of stowage plans, arrival of the ship before the container to be moved to the front of the container ship yard, stacking sequence in the specified slot, the ship to Hong Kong, you can sequentially shipment.