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invitation letters material we need for you coming to china

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invitation letters material we need for you coming to china


"Authority to the invitation issued to implementation details
Source: organization time :2010-27 09:09:59
"Authority to the invitation issued to implementation details
In accordance with relevant state regulations, the original "authority Visa Notification Form" unified changed its name to "authority invitation, is to develop the implementation details are as follows:
To apply for authority invitation required materials
1           Download and print the "authority invitation application form, stamped with the official seal of the inviting unit;
Download address: http://www.dalian-gov.net/GalaxyPortal/dalian/index.jsp, click [Foreign Liaison Department, online download the form;
2          to invite foreigners to china, as follows questions:
1)  invited person what relations;
2)  the purpose of the visit;
3)  the reason for invite ;
3             the company or factory in china,submit registration certificate or copy of business license;
4           the company or factory in china engaged in the activities of management and other documents with the invited person (such as import documents, tax payment certificate, contract, etc.) copy ;
5           invited people's  copy of passport;
6           visit schedule;
7           Guarantee (must have invited legal representative autograph, and the official seal), as follows:
1) were invited to the costs incurred by the people during the even can be effectively guaranteed;
2) inviting the units will be urged, that the supervision be invited to abide by Chinese laws and regulations and departure time;
8            other materials
1) Hotel issued to be invited even during the hotel booking records;
2) issued by the airlines to be invited to return air ticket booking records;
3) The authority required by other materials;

Second, the "invitation" procedure for issuing
An inviting unit or agency to submit material;
The authority for review of materials, the material is incomplete or does not meet the requirements of those not receiving;
(3) authority contact the relevant department and confirm the authenticity of the materials;
4 authority to issue invitations to those who are eligible;
Units 5 are authorized with our diplomatic and consular confirm.
"Invitation" issued time-bound
Since the date of the submission, five working days after receiving the invitation.
 Fourth, the implementation time
The present rules implemented since January 1, 2011.


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