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Canton Fair is coming soon

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Enchmark and is considered a barometer of China's foreign trade of China Import and Export Fair ("Fair") will open in Guangzhou. Market participants generally expect the trade fair is expected to total orders in the overseas market to stabilize the situation, deal ushered in a more satisfactory results.


Result of the financial crisis led to the crisis of manufacturing in China, experienced the baptism of the cold more than a year, regardless of manufacturer in China or overseas buyers have felt the atmosphere of recovery, with demand for Fair booth exhibitors, overseas buyers purchasing will also appear Recovery, mechanical and electrical companies have been clear that the Canton Fair, China's exports next year, will officially step into increased range.

Spring Fair booming popularity

 ju li gao stone coated roofing metal 'master-- Ming Luo said the veterans were invited to the old customers that will come, and this morning received two new guests, one from Thailand, one from Angola, and they even on the spot Under the trial order

Although the amount of small, but it is a good sign. From the current situation, in the second half of the order of about 130% of the first half of the year is expected to reach about 400 million, although the full year from 500 million last year, orders are still gaps, but in the second half the better, so that ju li gao stone coated roofing metal 'manager  Ming Luo have seen the dawn of the overseas market. "Now in recovery," the market next year will be recorded outside the enterprise to be 1.5 times this year, export growth resumed no problem.

Accelerate enterprise restructuring, financial crisis


Guangdong Governor Huang Hua Hua day when the importer in the study pointed out that the Canton Fair, home appliances, building materials and other industries in Guangdong Province, the traditional industries, these industries a broad product market, huge space for development and hope to upgrade the relevant enterprises to increase efforts to further improve

The competitiveness of products, seize the orders, consolidate and develop the traditional markets, and constantly open up new markets, to promote exports of Guangdong Province steady improvement in the situation and make new contributions.

It is reported by the financial crisis, a serious decline in foreign trade in Guangdong Province, from the zero growth target for full year guarantee, there is still a considerable distance, in the first three quarters of total imports and exports of Guangdong Province fell 17.7%, a decline of 3 percentage points narrower than the first half.

China's foreign trade known as the "barometer" of the Canton Fair here yesterday. As the world economy has shown signs of recovery, by the resumption of world trade growth is expected next year, inspired by Chinese export enterprises are rushing booth, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Export Commodities Fair, Canton Fair

Chen Chaoren spokesman said demand for the 106th Canton Fair booth blowout, an increase of over five percent.


Chen Chaoren said that the deep recession of the world economy has shown signs of a slow recovery, the Chinese economy is in a critical period of stabilization and recovery. Canton Fair is China's foreign trade "stable external demand, insurance markets, protection share" an important position, the first in the grave by the 108th Canton Fair.

Economic situation than the desired results obtained, we have on the 109th Canton Fair higher expectations. JU LI GAO metal roofing system must be discovered by more and more customers!


Trade experts here believe that this is the export situation of Chinese enterprises judged on next year's market behavior. It can get a glimpse of trends in global trade bottom out. China's exports this year are expected to achieve significant recovery, and even rebound.



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