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Foreigners visiting Canton Fair After October,

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 Foreigners visiting Canton Fair

After October, the Canton Fair, the volume is not ideal, everyone is just. Each say hello, business card catalogue and the exchange.
The mail also received enquiries, WeChat also have new guests, customers also belong to the inquiry, the African market price pressure is very low, I was also the first time for the African market, processing documents before they are documentary category, so the price above a fight or small radish.
Before the visitor, the WeChat FOB and GZ inquiry, the ex factory price requirements. A pile of list, to tell the truth, do foreign trade, do offer is made dazzling, struggling after a week, finally fix. I want to find you, has been Hello are you here? No end of the information display, I send the quotation to end his time, figures are not.
Well, then about three foreigners came to the factory after the thing, we are doing the gating hardware products, these products are now is very saturated, everyone in the price war. For the price, they have gone to other suppliers. One is that we came to the hall, out of sample inquiry. The family is known, to tell the truth, the price of products we do not, we are doing high-end, low price of natural. One afternoon, we you price is communication is the most so high, so expensive, please give lowest price. this kind of guests want to low-priced products, high imitation, after an afternoon of fighting, there is almost the bottom of the heart. IMPOSSIBLE.

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