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china NO.1 stone coated steel roof tiles

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                                               Roofing is a Specialist Trade !
                                                           Choose wisely!

 JU LI GAO®stone coated steel roofing tiles----china's NO.1 stone coated steel roofing tiles brand,we focus on the high quality standard products.learning, creating, and exceeding! It was a customer from hongkong brought us the model of stone coated metal roofing tiles in 2002.and now Xiecheng stone coated metal roofing industry co.,ltd today that already has grown to become a matured manufactural factory with skilled workers,which supply high qualitystone coated metal roofing tilessystem to more than 50 countries,and become the largest zincalume® steel roof tiles manufactuer in  south of China. In places  where suffer some of the most severe weather on the planet,, you can be confident that JU LI GAO® stone coated metal roofing tiles have endured much worse.


 1    Monsoons in Asia countries

Homeowners in parts of asia countries,sudden torrential downpours are familiar to the citizens. In such  place like Malaysia and tailand,during the monsoon season, 1000mm of rain is normal happends just within two or three months.On these kind of wet days, even small cracks in traditional concrete or clay roof tiles can lead to serious internal damage. Thats the reason  why more and more people in Malaysia recognize that  more modern, reliable alternative and lightweightJU LI GAO® stone coated metal roofing tiles its a better choice now.

2    Desert heat weather in saudi arabia and africa.

Tortured by blazing sun,the people live in saudi Arabia and Africa continent really have a tough life.Yet time has proven that even under such extreme conditions, JU LI GAO® stone coated metal roofing tiles are stubbornly resilient.we have get many business partners from saudi Arabia,resulting in a JU LI GAO® stone coated steel roof tiles that stays longer and looks better than traditional roof systems.And also ,Nigerica and Ghana,Uganda etc.countries are also  marketing area for JU LI GAO® stone coated steel roofing tiles wherestone coated steel roofing tiles are popular and widely accepted.

3    Cyclones in the Caribbean

People who live in the area really enjoy a pleasant tropical climate  much all the years round, but  Sometimes, the cyclones intensify into hurricanes with winds peaking at up to 280km/hr. now peoplelive there have shown a  preference for the modern lightweight of JU LI GAO®stone coated steel roofing tiles . which are  more secure in high winds than vertically fixed roofs like concrete tiles.


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