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corporation culture of NEW SUNLIGHT stone coated roof co.,ltd

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"more than 20 cargo containers of stone coated metal roofing tiles have been producted.pretty good performance this year, we have already reached the desired goal." a smile is on Director' Luo's face.he is the owner of xiecheng  stone coated metal roofing tiles co.,LTD.

This is a typical Chinese businessman's face , deep Not exposed.only come in contact with him more, you will appreciate his style of hard work, open mind, honesty.As many small and medium business owners in China, he was able to overcome difficulties, find their own way out of the product Production principle,and steps of investment to introduce advanced equipment. And their difference is, his vision, long-term, choose a high-techstone coated metal roof tiles products of building materials to avoid exports of a large province in China Guangdong Province, the products fall into unnecessary competition. He tried to develop new products,continued investment in capital construction plant, with a further expansion of the surprising speed. But if you know him personally, you will Think of these are taken for granted, his character determines the corporate culture, excellent corporate culture the rapid development of other enterprises Is a common feature of successful companies around the world.


First, we favor our employees. Zhaoqing city is known for metal processing in recent years.Foshan City,the ceramic industry base of China near by,is vigorously industrial upgrading.The ceramics production lines and plants Also to transfer to Zhaoqing city. many of whom are well-known large enterprises throughout China. In all of these large and small companies,Xiecheng stone coated metal roofing tiles  industry plant the highest wages, labor protection is the most secure, director of the favorite to win. Because He always let everyone share the benefits, so our employees are hardworking and loyal for Xiecheng stone coated metal roofing tiles  industry co.,ltd .They per cent higher wages than around ten to fifteen. If the overtime to get more.


Secondly, we continue to optimize and improve our processing technology.experts come around our factory from different cities of china who have knowledge about machinery,equipment and technical plant for exchanges, and constantly to get more and better proposals for JU LI GAO stone coated roofing tiles.

We are constantly comparing the procurement of raw materials quality, we only do the best stone coated meta roofl tiles in China. We know our guests seeking good quality. Our partners, are also big business in China and overseas. We refuse to do low-level product, will not accept the temptations of profit,to loss of our bottom line. the shape of ou stone coated steel roofing tiles are the most complete, there have been new products are developed, put into production and in use.

Finally, we get most sincere attitude towards to our customers. Real prices, reliable quality, and reach international standards. We are verified by a lot of products,our company also has a perfectly legitimate business qualifications.

We welcome friends from all over the world come to China to test manufacturers and products. Shipped in a timely manner, promptly, the same quality as the new zealand stone coated metal roof tiles sample standards.Because we only use the best steel in China and imported from New Zealand Materials. Our stone coated metal roofing tiles are 10 years and 20 years of quality assurance.(up to the two different material. )Our product's surface treatment, chemical agents, gravel stones are able to find the best products.but the price of JU LI GAOstone coated metal roofing tiles are much more cheaper then same quality from different countries! We have the best shipping partner Ensure timely and accurate the goods to your hands. We provide measurement services of metal roof tiles. As long as the size of your house images or house plan photos given to us, we can give the quickest and most accurate recommendations, tell you The number of metal roof  tiles needed.


Chinese New Year just have past last month, we plant a new plant in operation again. a steady stream of customers come to visit, we will in the news column for you to open a window for exchanges, so that  NEW SUNLIGHT  stone coated metal roof tiles For the more recognized and accepted by customers. We are confident that the business make more friends. because NEW SUNLIGHT  stone coated metal roofing  tiles are cost-effective, as long as you see it will love it!

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