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Ten industry breakthrough point for metal roof tile industry

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December 1, 2010, the annual meeting of the China Building Materials was held in Foshan city .China. As  the author , i was invited to make keynote speech, i analyzed the metal roof  industry in the future to the whole industry chain, "go green " development of some thoughts.



The core point of  my speaking, "go green" health building metal roof  industry in the whole industrial chain to be angles. As the middle part of the building metal roof  enterprises,as,an industry leader and brand management, it must take time to be responsible to the society, the one needs to drive development of the industry and to promote social progress. Future green building metal roof  industry, on the one hand, tosave energy and do well for  energy conservation, cleaner production.Onthe other hand ,also needs the sun standardized operation to get  healthy long-term development. I think that are " green building and metal roof  Ten industry breakthrough point "in the future.that's" materials chosen and processing,product  and manufacturing, channels and services, and brand development with several major aspects of the industry.



The first breakthrough is the raw material, raw material source is a breakthrough, the green metal roof industry will have to establish new sources of raw materials with newvisual view.. 


The second breakthrough is the raw material preparation process.



The third breakthrough is the adhibition of green metal roof tile, which break through is not only get the adhibition of limits of construction materials, but also means decorative materials ,not only  a single variety of functional materials to the direction of expansion.


The fifth break point is to break through automated production equipment. Made in the process of preparation of artificial replacement equipment continuously, thereby creating a "Chinese standard. " After nearly a decade of development and accumulation, the entire metal roof tile industry has been tremendous progress.With the shortage of labor resources and rising labor costs, China's metal roof tile industry began to replace the manual process equipment, can be expected, fully automated equipment is bound to become the metal roof tile enterprises in the future, the final choice.



the sixth co-Breaking through is  the break the  channels border between the manufactures and the distributors of metal roofing tile.