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Right steel for stone coated metal roofs

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what is difference between the hot dip galvanized and Al-Zn alloy coated steel material?

 good stone coated metal roofing

Generally used for hot dip galvanized steel strip or wire (stranded). Zinc coated steel surface due to atmospheric corrosion barrier layer to prevent corrosion of the substrate to continue and to ensure that the service life of the substrate. More lively than the iron and zinc, in the case of corrosion, but also the expense of protection of zinc coating steel substrate.

Zinc and its protective effect stronger, more corrosion resistance than galvanized products. The entire structure by the Al - Fe - Si - Zn,forming a dense four-crystals, the crystals form a layer on the steel barrier, which effectively prevent the corrosion factor of penetration.

Corrosion-resistant barrier from the protection of aluminum and zinc sacrificial protection. When the zinc in the trimming, scratches and abrasions coating for the expense of some protection, they form insoluble aluminum oxide layer, play a barrier protection.

Now in china,there are some facotries withou using  Al-Zn alloy coated steel  but use bed quality metal sheets,like iron sheets,or hot dip galvanized steel for manufacturing some copy products to ingratiate some of Immoral real estate business men from foreign countries.Thestone coated metal roofing made of this kind of material will  easily get rusty and spoil within 3-5 years.JU LI GAO®stone coated steel roofing system is made of chinese best quality al-zn alloy coated steel,which we promise customers 10 years warrenty of quality,And another top brand zincalume® imported from New Zealand,which we promise customers 20 years warrenty.JU li gao® stone coated metal roofing system services for the middium and top class market.We service for the landlord who love his house too much. Al-Zn alloy coated steel   is you best choice!

We offer people high cost performance of stone coated metal roofing with original  Al-Zn alloy coated steel  !Get your best house plan and solution with JU LI GAO® stone coated metal roofs.We defend the reputation of products made in china.


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