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stone coated metal roofing"re roof"project in Yan Tai city

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re roof by stone coated metal roofing system

8 A.M. of yesterday, the reporter of JU LIGAO® stone coated metal roofing  went to the new Community Youth Haiyang Road, although there's three dozen residential buildings over 20 years with the age, but after nearly 3 months of renovation----coverd by new style of stone coated metal roofing sheet, the old building is like a new house.Looking around from a distance, understander the blue sky against the background, - stone coated metal roofing "Red Hat"  are very dynamic.

Building 86,the person who lives  in the South Road,  the MR. Sun Young said,"wear" the red stone coated metal roofing is the last month, after which the walls between building body, arm also gave painting - New.  before, is really living in the attic suffered terribly,in the summer time under the sky, home and outdoor temperature is almost the same. After every heavy rain is finished, the family had to leak more or less rain, while winter,the flat roof is poor in keeping the hot air, even with heating temperature at home is also lower than the lower floors of the neighborhood three or four degrees. after used the sonte coated metal roofing,the re-roof construction,everything already changed.

Bureau of Yantai City building housing,the person in charge of this issue,intruduced,"stone coated metal roofing re-roof" works mainly concentrated in the New Stone Road south to the mountain, the sea Rd west, young South east region, involving a total of 33 buildings, 73 unit.

These new red stone coated metal roofing in addition to aesthetic function, but also what good function is get? Haiyang District,the person who is responsible for this new work "stone coated metal roofing re-roof " said that, now is the red stone coated metal roofing , the biggest advantage is  heat protection, it can stop the outdoor hot temperature, the top floor with stone coated metal roofing of households through home was not subject to drying at room temperature can be lower than the flat foofing about 3 ℃. In the winter, with spire stone coated metal roofing tile structure, can effectively cut off from snow and cold air, combined with gallery stairwell windows to improve insulation, the top conservative households that can also increase 4-5 ℃.

Department of housing construction in Yantai City, said, "stone coated metal roofing re-roof" project is - of projects that bring benefit, in order to fight for more regional transformation, they advance to the city each year for financial support, but financial approval into the "stone coated metal roofing re-roof" limited financial resources Therefore, only gradually advancing regional transformation.


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