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Two GuideS to Best Practices Of Stone Coated metal Roofing!

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Galvalume? and ZINCALUME?

-----------------------------Two GuideS to Best Practices Of Stone Coated metal Roofing!



The most widely used anti-corrosion coating of steel is a zinc metal (zinc) coating,basic material for stone coated metal roofing system.


One of these was the successful development of hot dip galvanized products, which is 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel. The product has various names around the world, that is: Galvalume (it is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc., and some of the company products production license, and trademark Dofasco in Canada) . Z-NAL (a Steelscape registered trademark), ZINCALUME (BHP Steel is a registered trademark) (JLA Pty Ltd.), ZINTRO-ALUMTM (ndustrias Monterrey SA, a trademark), GALVALTM (Galvak, SA company directors Germany R). Following its inception in 1972, it is very popular with the market welcomed, especially in the construction aspects of metal roofing. Global cumulative production now over 70 million tons, with an annual output of nearly 700 million tonnes at present. 55% Al-Zn alloy (55% Al-Zn) coating of aluminum by 55%, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Steel is 55% Al-Zn coating has been proven to be an excellent long-life roof board products, especially for low slope roofs of industrial buildings. It is widely used approach is to be coated plate is exposed to the atmosphere. The product is also used as a depth of decorative color coating substrates, such use has recently shown strong growth trend.

When the low-slope roof industrial building use, 55% aluminum-zinc coated sheet with excellent performance, it is generally for 30 years, in some cases more than 35 years and still effective.

In this article, explained 55% aluminum-zinc coated sheet excellent corrosion resistance. More information about the product can be www.galvalume.com query.

Remember, 55% aluminum-zinc coating is 55% precise ingredients of aluminum, zinc 43.5% and 1.5% silicon. Although the corrosion of zinc and aluminum alloy is mainly related to, but about 1.5% of the silicon also played a vital role. The role of silicon in the preparation process is to control the emerging growth of brittle intermetallic compounds. (Section 2.4 of this paper have a similar discussion, but in hot-dip galvanizing is to produce a thin brittle intermetallic compounds)


High temperature performance

Since 55% Al-Zn coating Al content is very high, thin surface able to withstand 600 ° F [315 ° C] the high temperature will not change color, and up to 1250 ° F [675 ° C] will not re-oxidation, and deformation .



Content of 55% Al-Zn of the Al-Zn alloy coating, depending on the environment has proven to be an ordinary life of 2-4 times the galvanized coating.Good material for high qualitymetal roofing system.

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