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stone coated metal roofing"JULIGAO " -buyer instructions

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buyer instructions

JUligao stone coated metal roofing is committed to its management objective of offering high-end brand,distinctive and high quality products,and best service to customers.toprotect your rights and benefits,please note the following instructions.

buyers should ask for invoice or receipt with company seal from showrooms,and make sure that the informaiton on it is in accordance with the merchandise you are buying,in terms of brand name,model munber,pattern and batch etc.if paying by wire transfer,please make sure that the account its a company account.not a private one and keep the receipts after the transfer.

please confrim with the showrooms whether or not the merchandise will be packed with wood frame or foam materials.if deliery can be made at the time,it is recommended to take photos of the merchandise before transportation.insurance for transportation is also recommened.

when receiving the merchandise,please check immediately whether there is severe breakage,defect or deformation on the package and sounds when moving them. under and of the mentioned condition,reject taking delievery.


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