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International Exhibition on building materials

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 Circular on organizing the International Exhibition on building materials and heating and ventilating in Kazakhstan in 2017

According to the "2017 100 exhibition overseas market development plan", to actively cooperate with the 2017 Kazakhstan Astana World Expo Chinese Gallery in Shandong Week activities, effective docking state Belt and Road Initiative "development opportunities, further develop the Central Asian market, my office will be organized in September 2017 held in Kazakhstan International Building Materials Exhibition, hvac. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
I. General Situation of exhibition
(1) time: 5-8 September 2017
(two) place: Kazakhstan
(three) name of the exhibition hall: Atta Kent Exhibition Center
(four) exhibits content;
Building materials: wood, flooring, aluminum plate, PVC, door, window, curtain wall, glass, awning (umbrella); decorative plate; composite materials such as steel, cement, concrete, plaster; sealing materials; roof and wall materials; thermal insulation, waterproof and fireproof materials; stone material, ceramic, ceramic tile, carpet yard facilities, landscaping decoration;
Building hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, plumbing, sanitary ware, PVC pipe and accessories, hardware accessories, doors (including cabinets and closet doors) window and door and window fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts, screw wire mesh;
Building materials machinery: construction machinery, processing equipment, glass doors and windows machinery, construction machinery, power and manual tools, special vehicles, transport equipment, construction sites, protective equipment, construction site facilities;
Ventilation system: heating, air conditioning, ventilation pipes, sanitary equipment, water heaters and ancillary equipment, kitchen equipment, building lighting, lighting, lighting and other residential appliances;
Home automation: remote controls, audio and video devices, home theater and satellite products, cable systems;
Bathroom equipment: sanitary ware, toilet, basin, bathtub, shower room, top spray, shower, faucet, bathroom lighting;
Kitchen equipment: kitchen appliances, cabinets, range hoods, sinks, kitchen furniture, kitchen water installations;
Hardware fittings: valves, pipe fittings, hardware tools, door and window fittings, bathroom hardware pendants, bathroom mirrors and so on.
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