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Thailand Bangkok building materials exhibition ArchitectExpo

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Bangkok Thailand building materials exhibition ArchitectExpo
Holding time: 2018-05-01 to 2018-05-06 distance for 182 days
Hosting cycle: one year
Industry: Building Materials Exhibition
Country: Asia Thailand Bangkok
Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center
Organizer: Thailand TTF exhibition company TTF International Co, Ltd
Pavilion area: 75000 square merchants flow: 30000 exhibitors number: 880
24500 yuan immediately download, immediately scheduled exhibition online contact
The exhibition introduces the relevant information of the exhibition scope of the organizer
Thailand building materials and interior decoration exhibition is the third largest exhibition in Asia, and won the UFI certification, is one of the most authoritative and important exhibitions in Thailand. The exhibition is held annually in 2017, attracted a total of more than 880 companies from Germany, Taiwan, Italy, France, the United States, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries and other parts of the world exhibition, exhibition area of more than 75000 square meters, the flow of people up to 30000. Thailand building materials exhibition to government financial support, to the exhibitors and professional buyers as the focus, to multi-channel exhibition promotion and service quality effectively, for enterprises to expand the customer, understand the latest development trend of regions and industries, to seize the ASEAN market created a perfect platform. The exhibition will be held in the same period of ASEAN (Thailand) building materials market analysis forum, invite professional buyers, Thailand Building Materials Industry Association, China exhibitors to participate in the joint direct docking docking enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and buyers. Since the Thailand flood, centralized government efforts for reconstruction, the Thailand construction industry continues to grow, last year at SKY near the train station on the construction of a large number of public houses and apartments, Thailand in infrastructure recovery, hotel industry construction and reconstruction of civil houses will hit most of history, Thailand enter the building materials industry "Renaissance". Thailand building products are mostly imported, China as the first all Thailand imported with trade country, because of high quality and inexpensive products by the Thailand market welcome, Thailand huge building materials import demand will bring unlimited business opportunities for the field of building materials suppliers in china.
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